New Year Plans!



So, now that Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and done with, I have been thinking about my plans for 2016.  In December I signed up to do OSNotts, the open studios project for our local area.  It starts in April and, obviously, I need to have a studio space to show from so I sat down with the measurements and devised myself a plan.

Currently, the studio is still a garage, even if it does have plasterboard walls and a double glazed door and window in the front rather than the original up-and-over garage door.  Next on the list is to sort out the electrics which will include adding extra light switches/power points as there are currently only one of each!  After the electrics are done we can then get stuck into the finishing – tiling the floor, painting the walls – and adding some furniture.  I’m so excited that it is finally getting done as it has been an ongoing project for so many years that I have lost count but more important things kept getting in the way.

This is the plan I have come up with:

Final Studio Plan

I’ve picked out the furniture, the cupboard doors and handles, the shelves and cabinets, and I’ve already got some of the units and the desk.  We’ve had the floor tiles for years as well as the lighting so they will just need fitting when the time comes and then I just need to find a worktop and some wall tiles for around the sink and I think I’m all sorted.

Now I just have to hope that we can get it all done in time!


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