Studio News, OS Notts and Another Earring Display

So, it’s mid-March already and my ‘studio’ isn’t much further forward yet.  Steven has managed to get most of the junk cleared out though, and the electrics are hopefully being done this week.  In the meantime my attention has turned to the things that I want to exhibit during OS Notts instead.


I’ve made a few new pieces of beadwork, including a beautiful necklace made with Jean Power’s Geometric Stars tutorial.  It’s all in pastel shades and will fit well with the idea I have in my head of how my studio will look.  If you want to see it you will have to wait until next month when I will hopefully be able to post some photos of everything set up and ready for visitors.  Of course, if you are local to Mansfield, it would be lovely to see you.


The wire earring stand that I posted a little while ago is great for taking photos of earrings as it allows you to just see the earrings rather than the stand but it’s not really neat enough to use for displaying purposes – and anyway, I don’t have anywhere near enough wire to make the amount I’d need –  so I spent this morning playing with bits of paper and card and some double-sided tape to create this version:



Here’s how I did it:


You will need:

a sheet of thick card – I used Adorable Scorable 350gsm

some pretty scrapbook papers

thin ribbon or decorative thread

double-sided tape

a pencil

a pair of scissors

a ball tool or other scoring tool

a needle tool or punch to make holes for the earrings to go through

Earring Display Stand Template


Draw the shape onto the front of the card.  It will be covered by the paper so you won’t have to worry about erasing the lines later.


I made myself some templates from acetate so that I can simply draw around them as I will end up making quite a few!


Cut out around the edge of the shape and score and fold along the dotted lines.


Carefully outline around the edge and along the scored lines with double-sided tape.  You could use glue but I find the tape is less messy and you don’t have to wait for it to dry.  If you can get 3mm tape you can fit it to the curve by gently manipulating it like I have done here.  Otherwise just cut short lengths to fit the curves.


Peel the backing from the tape and stick onto the back of the scrapbook paper – making sure that you get the pattern the right way up if necessary.  Re-bend along the score lines so that you don’t trim the paper too short.


Carefully trim around the  edge of the card.


Mark dots with the pencil where the holes need to be and either pierce them with a needle tool or use a punch to cut them out.


Thread ribbon through the holes on the sides and tie into a bow, pulling the sides in so that it will stand up.


And you’re done!



The best bit about these is that I can make them up and just store them flat in an envelope till I need them.  I’ve got lots of scrapbook papers and plenty of card to be going on with so, for now at least, they are pretty much free and won’t cost anywhere near the price of ordinary earring displays when I need to buy more.  They are also personal to me and I can change colours in the studio really easily if I want to without having to invest in new display pieces.  I’m going to make a few in different sizes to allow for longer earrings, and some big ones for necklaces too.

6 thoughts on “Studio News, OS Notts and Another Earring Display

  1. What a lovely idea! And your instructions are spot on! Hope your studio project moves along well too. Jeanne


  2. Love this idea, like you I have loads of pretty papers and card so will be having a go at this, thank you for sharing


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