The Gallery contains photos of some of my past work.  If you would like to see a piece in a little more detail and read a bit about it too, please look in the drop down menu to see if it is listed there.

Midnight Fantasy Cuff
OOAK ‘Midnight Fantasy’ Cuff
Peyote Cuffs 1
Peyote Cuffs
Space Nebula Goddess
OOAK ‘Space Nebula’ Goddess Ornament
Sky Goddess
OOAK ‘Sky’ Goddess Ornament
Picture Box - Mother
OOAK Mixed Media Picture Box
Peyote Cuffs 3
Peyote Cuffs
Peyote Cuffs 2
Peyote Cuffs
Winter Goddess
OOAK ‘Winter’ Goddess Ornament
Big Girls Panties
OOAK ‘Big Girl Panties’ Brooches
Blackberry Goddess
OOAK ‘Blackberry’ Goddess Ornament
Button Brooches
OOAK Button Brooches
Beaded Pens
Beaded Pens
Citrine Goddess
OOAK ‘Citrine’ Goddess Ornament
Daisy Necklaces
OOAK Daisy Necklaces
Hair Clips
Hair Clips
Little Bit of Whimsy Necklaces
OOAK ‘Little Bit of Whimsy’ Necklaces
Brown & Blue Cuff
OOAK ‘Brown & Blue’ Cuff

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