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I try to write all my tutorials so that even beaders with little previous beading experience should be able to follow them.  Each one is written and set out in the same style, with the title page, introduction, tips & information and materials list followed by the step by step instructions with two full colour photos per page.  This allows you to either print it off on A4 paper as it is if you want large photos (12 x 9cm) or you can choose to save paper and ink and print it off as an A5 booklet which will mean that the photos are smaller but the detail is still easy to see.  Here is the first part of my Big Girl Panties Brooch tutorial so that you can see how it looks.  You can download the full tutorial for free in my Payhip store.

Tutorial Sample Pages 1 Tutorial Sample Pages 2 Tutorial Sample Pages 3 Tutorial Sample Pages 4


You can read a bit about the process involved in creating a tutorial (and why they may sometimes be priced higher than you would expect) in my blog post.

Beading should be fun, so if you purchase a tutorial that you subsequently find you have difficulty with, please get in touch and I will do my best to help.


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